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A talk with Paul Buttigieg

Hondoq beach intro

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The battle for Hondoq, one of the most enchanting bays on the Island of Gozo, Malta, has been raging for almost 15 years now, its outcome still uncertain. 

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by Patrizia Marani

Scientists worldwide are increasingly aware that, rather than a genetic one, today’s most common diseases have an environmental cause: polluted air, food and water. Indeed, air pollution has even surpassed dirty water in this dismal ranking. Do we have to keep choosing between wealth and health or is it possible to live in a prosperous green world? Several countries have bet on the green economy to power their growth. Do they have a point?

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Is Organic Really Better?

by Patrizia Marani

Organic grapes and squash

Brian Halweil of the Worldwatch Institute has compared the quality of products from current conventional farming with the quality of food produced in the 40s and 50s, and that of current organic foodstuffs. And here is what he has discovered.

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Why is Going Organic Worthwhile?

by Patrizia Marani

 Organic farming with cock

How the loss of vital nutrients in conventionally farmed foods affects our health. Why the higher cost of organic food is more imagined than real, and finally, how to save money and still eat organic.

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